Orion Pharma Animal Health

Orion is one of the best-known companies for veterinary medicines in the Nordic countries. We manufacture and market our own proprietary veterinary medicines and a wide range of generic medicines. Orion also markets and sells veterinary medicines manufactured by several international companies.

Orion’s own proprietary medicines are the animal sedatives Domosedan® (detomidine), Domitor® (medetomidine), Antisedan® (atipamezole), Dexdomitor® (dexmedetomidine), Domosedan Gel® (detomidine) and Sileo® (dexmedetomidine).

Domosedan is used for sedating large animals, especially horses, for diagnosis and procedures by a veterinarian. It also acts as an analgesic. Domosedan Gel is a prescription medicine used for sedation to facilitate restraint for minor husbandry procedures.

Domitor and Dexdomitor are sedatives for small animals such as cats and dogs. Antisedan is a substance that rapidly and safely revives an animal following sedation with Dexdomitor or Domitor.

The newest addition to Orion's proprietary products is the prescription medicine Sileo (dexmedetomidine) oromucosal gel for dogs suffering from acute noise anxiety. Sileo is a prescription medicine indicated for alleviation of acute anxiety and fear associated with noise in dogs. For more information on noise anxiety visit http://www.dognoiseanxiety.com/

Examples of Orion’s other veterinary products include Kefavet® (cephalexin), an antibiotic for cats and dogs, and Comforion® (ketoprofen) NSAIDs particularly for cattle.

Besides the medicinal products, for poultry Orion has developed Broilact®, a unique Competitive Exclusion (CE) product providing a refined selection of bacteria that establish and develop a healthy adult type microflora in the intestine of chickens, turkeys, geese, pheasants, quails and partridges.

Contact us:

Proprietary products: Päivi Aho, paivi.aho@orionpharma.com, +358 509662921

Export sales: Sauli Niinistö, sauli.niinisto@orionpharma.com, +358509667596

Broilact & New products for Orion distribution: Pasi R. Lehtonen, pasirikhard.lehtonen@orionpharma.com, +358509664394

Pet health care: Piritta Koistinen, piritta.koistinen@orionpharma.com, +358509667394